eventime - logoA company specialized in organizing sports and social events for businesses and the public .


MEDIA PARTNERS: aims to bring together International Expats and Czech Business Professionals in Prague through Networking and Business / Social Events. Meet Expats from all over the world in a Business and a Networking Environment.Networking, Events, Business, Finance, Contacts … This and lots more you’ll find on

ManSprichtDeutschManSprichtDeutsch.CZ, hat sich zur Aufgabe gesetzt, die deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft in der Tschechischen Republik besser mit Informationen im Bereich Netzwerken, Nachrichten, Stellenangebote,… zu versorgen. Unsere Aufgabe ist es für Sie all die Informationen zu sammeln und Ihnen auf einer Plattform anzubieten.

PragueDailyMonitorPrague’s # 1 source for Czech news in English… – News delivered straight into your inbox!



PragueTVPrague TV is an online city guide/magazine serving tourists coming to Prague and English-speaking expatriates already living in the city. We provide information on entertainment, culture, dining, shopping, business, accommodation, real estate, education, health, and travel, and aim to cover all aspects of life in Prague.

citybee-logoWeb portal and mobile application for people living, working or studying in Prague. Offering the most comprehensive and easiest service to the user and at the same time fun and inspiration on how to experience the best in Prague.

kino_svetozor_264_Svetozorlogo2013On May 1, 2004 a premiere art cinema with two screening halls, focusing on first-rate European and non-European films, opened in one of Prague’s liveliest passages. Cinema Svetozor, is an art-house cinema, common in many major European cities, but missing in Prague until now.




Kino Aero is good films cinema and one of the oldest film clubs in the country. Monthly Aero presents at least 60 different titles, extensive retrospectives of directors and one-time screening of films that are not in the Czech distribution.



kino_biooko_69_BIO_OKO_logo_webAlternative cinema, pleasant interior, bar with WiFi connection, TV series marathons, screenings for Seniors, filmjukebox, baby Bio – mixed projections for parents and their children, Oko Naslepo, live – opera, ballet, dance, concerts, alternative evenings “ This Is Cinema?“, animation workshops.




fotoMichael and Markéta Fokt – photographers, journalists and publicists. They like to say they are sitting on a chair with three legs. They cooperate with the international GEO magazine, an online publication of National Geographic – the Czech geographic magazine, Czech television ČT and the Czech radio – Český Rozhlas 2. Michael’s domain is time-lapse photographic documents and macro photography. Markéta is in addition to journalism and copywriting dedicated to production activities for market brands, including social networks.





The Jedlicka Institute Foundation is a non -profit organization that was founded in 1990 as one of the first foundations in the Czech Republic. The Jedlicka Institute Foundation supports children and young people with physical and multiple disabilities, especially pupils and students of The Jedlicka Institute and Schools. The Jedlicka Institute and Schools celebrates 100 years of its existence. Help is also directed to the development of institutions, facilities and purchase equipment. Areas of support include wheelchair accessible transportation, personal assistance, mobility aids or therapeutic and rehabilitation programs.

Miss expat1The Project Miss Expat – The most beautiful foreign girl of the Czech Republic. Organized by g-company agency. ,,Home is not where you live, but where they understand you – Christian Morgenstern’’


Roztoč - logo tiskThe Roztoč association contributes to a development and promotion of cultural life in the Roztoky town and its vicinity. By the means of creativity, community cohesion and by promoting cultural activities it strives to enrich the life quality in its neighbourhood.



CzechBeerToursDiscover the Real Czech beer.





logoDvě Deci revolutionizes wine subscription services, offering much more than 2 bottles per month, selected by Master Sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc. The former sommelier in Chief at the Ritz Hotel in Paris prepares for each bottle online tasting lessons, serving tips and food pairing. Finally, you can reorder your favorite wines at the winemaker price. Dvě Deci is the new way to discover, learn, taste and buy wine.

logoLa Gastronomia Ligure is a restaurant that is a guarantee for its culinary experiences.
La Gastronomia Ligure particular emphasis is on quality ingredients as well as a pleasant environment in which you can enjoy traditional Italian specialties made by chef David Lagomarsino.


BohemiaBagel_logo color„Like the hole in a bagel, the future is wide open!“ There are three Bohemia Bagel restaurants in Prague all offering much more than bagels and coffee. All serve made-to-order salads, sandwiches, soups, delicious desserts and a variety of grilled options: from American-style breakfasts of bacon and eggs to hamburgers and French-fries. The first Bohemia Bagel Unique Prague restaurant was opened in the neighborhood of Holešovice in 2007.


nahoda_prowebNáhoda is a dating agency which believes that finding a life partner can not nowadays be limited to impersonal electronic services and proudly belong to the so-called active dating. Náhoda provides its clients an exceptional personal service of consultations. It offers professional services for the development of the client’s personality in psychology, coaching, physiotherapy or change image.


logo_maleSport Detem is not-for-profit organisation dedicated to assisting children of all the different ages and backgrounds achieve health and active lifesytle through sport and social events.


CzechTourism CMYKThe Czech Tourist Authority was founded in 1993 to promote the Czech Republic as an attractive tourism destination to the domestic and international markets. The agency works with a number of important partners including the tourism regions, towns and cities and private sector companies to raise the profile of the destination. CzechTourism is managed by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic. In 2013 CzechTourism will celebrate the milestone of 20 years in operation. During that time it has helped attract more than 100 million visitors to the Czech Republic. The Internetional Business Forum (IBF) is an indepedent, non profit organisation that was established at the end of 2007 to provide a platform for senior members of internetional companies to meer, share experiences, and actively look for opportunities to do business together


The International Business Forum (IBF) is an indepedent, non profit organisation that was established at the end of 2007 to provide a platform for senior members of international companies to meet, share experiences, and actively look for opportunities to do business together. Since its incorporation, the IBF has Attracted some of the Czech Republic ‚s biggest foreign investors to its Patronage, and it includes on its board and amongst its members many of the most respected business people in the Czech Republic.


Yoga exercise studio Seventh Heaven where you will really feel as in seventh heaven. It offers not only nice qualified teachers but also other services for your satisfaction and good feeling. In addition to practicing power yoga, vinyasa yoga and other styles you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea or coffee, homemade cakes and biscuits from wholesome ingredients or have drawn up your own menu.



The Taiji School, the International centre of applied Taiji principles. Based in the Golden City of Prague, Czech Republic, the centre was formed with the aim of providing a systematic Taiji training platform for those interested in learning a solid foundation in this extraordinary art. Founded by Paul Renall, with the intention of spreading and promoting the high quality of Taiji that his teacher taught him, the Taiji School offers an exceptional environment to induce the student into the absolute spirit of the way.


Czech Cricket already has a vibrant community of 100 regular Players and we’re always keen to hear from new people!



erb_berchtold_logo_male_RGBHotel Chateau Berchtold, Children’s Paradise and Sports Centre create together with the surrounding area a unique place for spending free time. The chateau and the hotel will be publically opened after a total reconstruction on 4.6.2011. The Sports Centre and the Children’s Paradise have been opened since 2007. The picturesque country, fresh air, pleasant surroundings of our area entice thousands of visitors, particularly families with children, companies, schools, sportsmen and elderly people all the year round.

Unetice - logoTraditional Czech brewery from Únětice is a friendly agency taking care of foreign students and expats living in the Czech Republic. The best complex service for expats and international students.


Canadian medial care - logoCanadian Medical Care is a private health care institution which combines the Canadian high level of services with the skills of Czech specialists in all areas of medicine.


CHannel_crossings_logo s carou vyrez Language agency providing comprehensive language services from teaching foreign languages to the general public, to interpreting for corporate clients. Our three basic areas of activity are: language teaching, translation and interpreting, studying abroad. They can therefore offer our clients a complete range of language services according to their specific requirements. Channel Crossings and its employees are always guided by four principles: quality and reliability, openness, „business“ with a human face and social responsibility.


Terryho ponožkyThe Terry Posters shop was opened in November 2005 when Terry Gilliam. lead the ceremonial opening in person. Since then, Terry Posters became the biggest shop with film posters in the Czech Republic, with more than 6000 original author graphic posters in its database. Terry Posters shop is run by a group of people who also manage two biggest art cinemas in Prague, Aero and Světozor which are under the patronage of Union Film company. Terry Posters exist as a physical shop in the lobby of Světozor cinema, as well as an e-shop.

KLB_logoKlarabara is a brand new fashion with original designs for kids and parents. The fashion is for all parents & kids, who are fed up with „sweet commercial“ stuff and would like to dress up in hand-drawn designs fashion. Klarabara collection is giving you an opportunity to dress up your kids in t -shirts you would wear. So, why not to wear a set of t -shirts with same design? Klarabara products are ranging from kids bodysuits, t -shirts, pyjamas to t-shirt sets for parents and kids. Designs are printed on 100 % cotton, bamboo textiles, and Earth Positive Organic fabrics. All prints are non-hazardous to health. Partner of Klarabara is Adasaki.





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  • We offer many interesting opportunities of  presentation for partners: Expats Games is a project focused on the socio-sporting meeting of people from different cultures, for which the Czech Republic is the current home. It is the largest extraordinary event of its kind in the Czech Republic. So we are pleased to welcome you as a partner!!

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